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Dead Pixel Test Online

Our team member some time ago created the online service to verify any LCD, OLED, and other digital screen for dead pixels (always black) and stuck pixels (always light).

Service is called Bad Pixel Test and works right in the browser. Everything you need is switch the browser into full screen mode (Press F11 key, ^⌘F combination or use the menu)

You'll see all dead and stuck pixel in few taps while the color of screen is sequentially changed between white, black, red, green and blue colors.

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Touchpad Blocker 2.9

New 2.9 version of Touchpad Blocker software has been released.

  • Fixed issue with on-screen keyboard.
  • Mouse Up events are not blocked anymore.
  • Some other minor changes.

Please download and install the latest version.

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Shorter intervals for Touchpad blocking

Some of our users asked to decrease minimal blocking delay to value less than 1/4 of second.

No problem, we add such options in 2.75 version of Touchpad Blocker software.

So, fast typists and hardcore programmers can set blocking delay to 1/8 or 0.1 second 🙂

If you need other features or have some bright ideas about our software, please let us know.

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Touchpad Blocker 2.1

New minor update of Touchpad Blocker software has been released. Following changes appear in version 2.1

  • Default time interval to block clicks changed to 1/2 second.
  • The bug with an unexpected disabling of the blocking feature fixed.
  • The same timings are set for all kinds of balloon notifications.

Software is free, you can download it at:

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Touchpad Blocker 1.7

New version of Touchpad Blocker software has been released. Following changes were made:

  • Automatically activates running copy of program on a second start.
  • Decreased file size and memory consumption.
  • New program icon.
  • Officially distributed from TOUCHPAD-BLOCKER.COM website.

Software is freeware, so you can download and use it free of charge.


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