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Shorter intervals for Touchpad blocking

Some of our users asked to decrease minimal blocking delay to value less than 1/4 of second.

No problem, we add such options in 2.75 version of Touchpad Blocker software.

So, fast typists and hardcore programmers can set blocking delay to 1/8 or 0.1 second 🙂

If you need other features or have some bright ideas about our software, please let us know.

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Touchpad Blocker 2.5

New 2.5 version of Touchpad Blocker software has been released.

  • Added option to disable Internet features (updates, PingNotify™ statistics, etc.)
  • Fixed freezing on system logon.
  • Memory consumption has been improved.

Please download the latest release at:

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Touchpad Blocker 2.3

New update of Touchpad Blocker software has been released. Version 2.3 brings following changes:

  • Keyboard and mouse hooks are periodically reset to prevent unusual terminations.
  • Software is optimized to use less memory.
  • PingNotify™ event tracking restricted to few times per day.
  • Google+ social icon added.
  • Installer and unistaller were improved .

Software is free, please download the latest version at:

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Touchpad Blocker 2.0

New major update of Touchpad Blocker software has been released. The program blocks accidental taps over notebook's touchpad and makes typing comfortable.

Following changes appear in this release:

  • New, more user-friendly interface.
  • Blocking time format changed from milliseconds to seconds.
  • Additional option to block move and wheel events.
  • Ability to enable and disable touchpad device (for Synaptics only).
  • PingNotiry™ event tracking added.

Software is absolutely free you can download it at:


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