How to disable touchpad?

Many people are still trying to find the answer to this question because they don't like to read manuals 🙂

Many notebooks have special hardware button to switch touchpad on and off. Usually the button is located near the touchpad, or right under the screen. If your laptop doesn't have such a button, take a look on pictograms on your F1-F12 keys. I can guarantee that there is a shortcut combination with Function (Fn) key that disables and enables the touchpad!

Combination of keys to disable the touchpad can be different depending on the notebook manufacturer and model. It is Fn+F9 for ASUS, Fn+F7 for Aser, Fn+F5 for Dell and so on… But the shortcut to disable touchpad always exists!

So, if your notebook works properly and you have all drivers installed - there shouldn't be a big problem to switch touchpad on and off.

There is only one real problem with touchpads that is not solved by hardware vendors - huge sensitivity of the sensor. When you are typing a text on notebook keyboard and put your hands over the working touchpad any accidental touch by finger or palm moves cursor to some other place in the text!

That's why many people, who are typing lots of text, prefer to disable the touchpad device at all and use the mouse instead. Mouse is less comfortable for portable computers, but allows typing without jumping cursor...

If laptop manufacturers don't fix problems, software engineers can help 🙂 I've created a special program that automatically disables the touch-pad while you are typing a text to solve the jumping cursor problem.

Touchpad Blocker program to disable touchpad

Touchpad Blocker doesn't turn the touchpad off, it just disables clicks and taps for a small period of time if some key was pressed.

You don't have to disable the touchpad anymore, this software utility guarantees a comfortable typing even with enabled touchpad. The program is free, download it right now!

Download Touchpad Blocker

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